Imagine being able to travel for work without having to carry so much weight on equipment. Or being away from the office and still being able to quickly set up a complete workstation to resolve an emergency. Or, at the beach house or in the country, enjoy your favorite streaming platform or your games as if you were at home? With Motorola's Ready For, you can do it all with just your smartphone and a cable.

A Motorola made available for devices compatible with 5G technology, moto g100 5G, motorola edge plus and the new motorola edge 20, motorola edge 20 pro and motorola edge 20 lite, the “Ready For”, a feature that allows you to connect the smartphone to a monitor or TV. More than just mirroring the phone's screen, “Ready For¹” creates an interface that optimizes the use of smartphone resources on a much larger screen. With a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse the user can have the experience of a desktop computer, running multiple Android apps at the same time and even using one app on the cell phone while using others on the monitor. However, some features are different depending on the device. See more information at

Ready For is simple, just connect your compatible device to a TV or monitor via a video-enabled USB-C 3.1 cable or USB-C to HDMI adapter. Motorola edge 20 and edge 20 pro even wirelessly connect to TVs that support Miracast for Android. Ready For is also compatible with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and uses the device's camera as a webcam for video calls – vastly improving the image quality over a traditional webcam and taking advantage of the superior transmission speed of the 5G.

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To navigate in mobile desktop mode, the smartphone's screen can serve as a trackpad, similar to that of a notebook. When you click on the app tray, you will see a list of all the apps on your smartphone. Just click on an icon to open the corresponding app, which appears in a window.
clip showing interface navigation on the device

Video calls and lives made with the 5G connection in Brazil will also be able to take advantage of the full capacity of your smartphone's cameras. In the case of the moto g100 5G, you'll have the option of choosing between the 64MP main lens or the 16MP ultra-wide-angle lens, which lets you capture more people in one frame. Ready For's tracking tool even allows the image to track the movement of your face to ensure you're always in the frame during the broadcast. This solution serves both for video calls in which the caller can move freely without having to worry about adjusting the camera as well, as for content creators, who will have a digital “cameraman” to help them at all times.

These are just some of the ways to use Ready For, and Motorola promises to bring new advances to the solution in the future. Wireless accessibility and user experiences with augmented reality smart glasses are on the manufacturer's plans.

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