Telegram has recently announced a series of new features, such as the possibility to see who has read your messages in the groups of the messenger (something you can see how it works here). In addition to this new feature, another new feature has delighted users: the arrival of themes to customize different conversations in the chat.

According to the company, both participants in the conversation can see the change in theme. Also, you can define a different design for each contact, making the conversation with that person much more personalized.


In the app, it is also possible to carry out other types of customization, such as activating the night (or dark) mode, changing text colors, adding wallpapers and even changing the app's icon.

All these news are available for both Android how much for iOS. Want to know how to implement them all in your app?

Follow our walkthrough, starting with the tutorial on how to change the messenger to night mode and then the tutorial on customizing the topic of conversations.

How to change Telegram to night mode?

1. Open Telegram, click on settings and then on “Appearance”;

2. You can change the Telegram theme as a whole – choosing between “Classic”, “Dark”, “Day” and “Night” modes;

3. And you can also customize the colors of some highlights and texts in the application, selecting an option in the colored dots, as shown in the image below;

4. It is also possible to change the chat wallpaper, in the “Wallpaper” option. Here you can choose a color from the available palette; an image predefined by the app itself; or a photo of your own, from your gallery;

5. The application icon can also be changed. Just go to “App Icon” and choose the version that you like the most;

How to change the chat theme on Telegram?

1. With Telegram open, click on the chat you want to customize with a different theme;

2. Then click on the contact's name and “More”. Then tap “Change Colors”;

3. There are eight themes to choose from. Define what you like the most and, to confirm the configuration, click on “Apply Theme”;

4. If you want to test the theme in “night mode” or “dark” version, just tap on the moon icon (as shown in the image below);

Attention! This last setting, to test a different color for the night version, will only work if you have night mode enabled. If you haven't done it yet, see how to enable it following the beginning of our walkthrough.

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Ready! Now you know how to change the themes of each Telegram conversation, change the app's colors and wallpaper, and enable night mode. Ufa!

Credit Main Image: Allmy/Shutterstock

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