Since about March 2020, some employees of the Facebook they know Instagram has the power to make teenagers – and others – feel bad about their bodies. The information it is according to an internal report obtained by the Wall Street Journal.

“Thirty-two percent of teen girls said that when they felt bad about their bodies, Instagram made them feel worse,” wrote the researchers in the presentation about the negative effects of Instagram.


The effect may have so much to do with the mechanics of the application itself as well as its audience, commented Rachel Rodgers, who is an associate professor of applied psychology at Northeastern. Thus, the visual nature of Instagram that is favored by young people values ​​appearance socially. At the same time, teenagers are still developing their sense of identity.

“It's a bit like animals whose shells are still growing to protect them and it's a very vulnerable time,” he pointed out. But there is a way to engage with Instagram in a more balanced and healthy way, she says.

This is because in the effects studies it is clear that "there are effects on young people's feelings about their appearance, body satisfaction and social media platforms can increase the risk of eating disorders and other mental health problems such as depression and low self-esteem esteem".

Thereby, Rodgers recalled that cyberbullying occurs among young people and that for some, the consequences can be extremely harmful: "There is no doubt that there is substantial research showing that these platforms can have a negative effect on young people."

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The malaise starts because the most popular apps among young people, like Instagram, are highly visual. So you're just consuming photos, orienting appearance as a really important part. Another point is that they are interactive social networks, where people expect positive comments. When it doesn't happen, that's when frustration comes.

In this way, these characteristics are brought together with younger people who are developing their identity. Teenagers are still developing an understanding and the amount of affection and curation that images involve in any type of post.

Not to mention that many images are digitally altered and there is some difficulty in understanding that, even though this post is not explicitly selling me a product, it was placed here with a specific intention of self-promotion. “That's because no one posts on social media in the hope that people will think they're unattractive, unpopular, someone you wouldn't want to hang out with,” concluded the professor on Instagram.

Source: Medical Xpress

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