This Thursday (23), an extra edition of the Covid-19 Fiocruz Observatory Bulletin pointed out that there is a downward trend in the bed occupancy indicator for patients that are with Covid-19. The newsletter, however, informs that the Holy Spirit and the Federal District showed growth between August 13th and 20th.

According to Fiocruz, no Brazilian state is in the critical zone of admissions, with a rate higher than 80%. In Amazonas, which also had a higher occupancy rate, from 29% to 50%, the researchers report that the increase is the result of the decrease in the number of available beds.

ICU bed
Covid-19: Fiocruz points to a downward trend in bed occupancy. Image: DPE/Disclosure

The cases of greatest concern are Espírito Santo and the Federal District which, respectively, registered 65% and 66% in the bed occupancy rate. Locations are in the mid-term alert phase.

Fiocruz researchers warned that, even with the trend of reduction in most states, it is necessary to maintain preventive measures against Covid-19, such as the use of a mask of social distancing.

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In addition, the study reinforced the importance of the vaccine and called for the expansion and acceleration of vaccination among adults, especially those who have not yet taken the second dose of immunizing agents, elderly people who need to take the booster, and adolescents.

Those responsible for the research also informed that Brazil needs to prepare itself to face Covid-19 in the long term, including “considering the care liability during the pandemic, which is of high magnitude and requires the health system to organize itself in order to respond efficient, as well as the continued use of masks and certain measures of physical distance, given the prospect of living with covid-19 as an endemic disease for a long period”.

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