follow someone in social networks it is one of the main forms of interaction these days, in addition to being an easy and practical way to follow the life of someone you care about. However, who has never come across that friend that followed you and suddenly unfollowed?

Some aplicativos promise to check who are these people you follow on Instagram and who don't follow you back. However, not always using apps for this purpose may be the best option, as many of them can be fake and may ask for your login data on the platform.


Thinking about it, we do Olhar Digital we present you an extension of Google Chrome which is capable of performing the same feat and does not ask for your login details – you just need to be connected to Instagram on some browser page for the service to work.

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How to see who stopped following you on Instagram

1 – Install the extension “No Followers on Instagram” on your Chrome;

2 – Next, open your Instagram profile and click on the extensions symbol in the upper right corner of the screen;

Print from the web version of Instagram

3 – Click on the option “No Followers on Instagram”;

Print from the web version of Instagram

4 – A new Chrome tab will open automatically. Then select the “Process” option;

Print of the extension “No Followers on Instagram”

5 – A list of people who do not follow you on Instagram will be displayed. If you want to return the unfollow, just click on “Unfollow”.

Print of the extension “No Followers on Instagram”

Ready! Now you know how to find out who are the people who don't follow you on Instagram in a quick and practical way.

Featured Image Credits: Ogichobanov/Shutterscotck

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