It is very common to see an iPhone user with the device broken, be it a screen, or just a button. That's because, often, the cost of repairs is so high that it ends up making up for it until you buy a new device.

However, for you who cannot take the cell in the assistance or purchase a new one, we have a tip if your side buttons have broken.


These physical buttons serve several basic actions such as increasing and decreasing the audio volume, enabling vibrate mode, in addition to that specific button to lock and unlock the device, as well as turn it off. And it is exactly this last one that we are going to talk about!

If you want to turn off the device without having to use the physical button, be aware that we have made a tutorial specially explaining this step by step and which you can access by clicking here.

However, if your goal is just to lock or unlock the screen without having to use the physical button, be aware that there is a native way on the iPhone that allows you to control the same functions through touch. That's where the famous “floating button” comes in.

Curiosity out loud now? So, follow the tutorial below.

How to lock iPhone without side switch?

1. If your floating button is not activated, go to “Settings”, then “Accessibility” and click on “Touch”;

2. Then tap “AssistiveTouch” and activate the tool toggle switch;

3. Now go to the home screen and tap the floating button that should have appeared in the shape of a translucent ball. Then click on “Device” and then on “Lock Screen”. In this field you can also increase and decrease the cell phone volume without having to use the physical buttons on the sides;

How to unlock iPhone without side switch?

Unlocking the iPhone screen without the physical side switch is a little more complicated, but not impossible.

You can, for example, turn on Siri so that the screen lights up again, just then enter the password or fingerprint to unlock the device.

Another option is to use “Raise to Wake Up”, a function that became standard with the arrival of iOS 15. The feature makes the screen light up when you move the phone. See below how to activate it:

1. Enter “Adjustments” and then “Screen and Brightness”;

2. Then activate the “Raise to Awaken” toggle switch;

Ready! Now you know how to lock and unlock the iPhone screen without the help of the physical button on the side, and you also learned an alternative to control the volume of the smartphone.

It is noteworthy that, if none of the options work, it is recommended to ask for help directly from specialized and authorized technical assistance.

You can find an Apple Authorized Service Center (AASP) near you directly on the official website, or by clicking here.

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