A Volvo announced on Thursday (23) that it will no longer use leather in the manufacture of its eletric cars. The Swedish automaker plans to launch in the next few years a completely new line of battery-powered automobiles — a standard that will be adopted in 100% of production by 2030.

Instead of leather, Volvo will employ in this new line a component called “Nordico”, designed and created by the company itself, in what it says is the “new standard for a design premium internal”. The “Nordico”, says the automaker, consists of an alloy of textiles produced from PET bottles and recycled cork and a “bio-attributed material” from Scandinavia's forests.


The new component will only make its debut in Volvo's next model. But the C40 Recharge, launched earlier this year, is already the first model not to have an interior lining made of animal skin.

Volvo will continue to offer options with wool produced by certified hybrid car suppliers. In this, the company says it seeks to ensure full traceability of animal welfare in its supply chain.

“Being a progressive automaker means we need to address all areas of sustainability, not just CO2,” says Stuart Templar, Volvo's global sustainability director, in press release. “Responsible purchasing is an important part of this work, including respect for animal welfare. Stopping using leather in our pure electric cars is a good next step towards solving this problem.”

Volvo C40 Recharge
Volvo C40 Recharge is already the first model not to have an internal lining made of animal skin (Volvo/Publishment)

Swedish manufacturer wants to reduce use of plastic and rubber

Another Volvo proposal is to reduce the use of products from livestock and components such as plastic, rubber, lubricants and adhesives. Both as an integral part of the coating material and as part of the chemical processes that compose it.

In Templar's view, although the search for new materials seems “challenging”, there is no reason to avoid it. "This is a journey worth taking", says the executive. “Having a truly progressive and sustainable mindset means we need to ask ourselves tough questions and actively try to find the answers.”

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