Gmail is Google's email service. With 1,8 billion users globally, according to a survey by SaaS Scout, it is certainly one of the most used currently and a great rival to Outlook (old Hotmail).

And one of its main differentiators is that, unlike similar services, in addition to allowing you to have other accounts added and switch from one email to another with the “Log in with another account” feature, Gmail also allows you log in with another account that is not linked to Google.


That is, you can use an alternate email address – option especially valid when we forget the original address, or need to log in from a different device.

Also, while many feel that it's not possible to sign out of your Gmail account on your cell phone, there is a way to sign out of your account and access it with another address – without using multiple or alternate accounts. Very useful option if you want to create a Gmail or new account Google and need to delete the old address.

Follow the full tutorial of Olhar Digital and learn how to use all these options, getting the most out of your Gmail.

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How do I sign in to Gmail with another login on mobile or desktop?

On the computer:

  1. Open Gmail and click on your profile picture;
How to access Gmail account from computer
  1. Then click “Sign Out” to sign out of the account and sign in with another login;
How to access Gmail account from computer
  1. Then click on “Use another account”;
How to access Gmail account from computer
  1. Enter the new login, then tap “Next” and add the password.
How to access Gmail account from computer

On the cellphone:

  1. Open the Gmail app, click your photo and tap “Manage accounts on this device”;
How to access Gmail account from mobile
  1. You can either choose “Remove from this device” to log out your mobile Gmail account – as well as all apps that are logged in with that account – or choose to just disable it by sliding the selector key on the side;
How to access Gmail account from mobile

It is noteworthy that, according to information from Google, "depending on the device on which you use Gmail, it is possible to sign out, remove your Google Account or switch between different accounts".

No case of Android and iPhone, the only way to logout is to remove it from the device – unlike the computer, you can just “Logout”, but the end result is the same.

This is to say that removing the account from a device does not mean that your Google account has been deleted, just that it has been 'logged out' from that device.

How to sign in to Gmail with another login: alternative way

Gmail also provides an alternative way for you to access your account from another email.

Like this? You can add an alternate email not pegged to Google, and if you happen to be unable to sign in with your original Gmail account, you can use that other email address – which could be from other companies such as Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail, for example.

How to add an alternate email in Gmail?

  1. To add an alternative email, open your Google account and go to “Personal information”;
Log into Gmail with another login alternative way
  1. Scroll the screen to "Contact Information" and tap "Email." Then click on “Alternate Emails”.

If you don't have any e-mail registered, the “Add” option will be available. Otherwise, click on “Manage alternative emails” to delete or add a new address (in this step, for security reasons, you will need to log in again with a password);

Log into Gmail with another login alternative way
  1. Once logged in, click on “Add alternative email” or “Add another email”.
Log into Gmail with another login alternative way

How to delete alternate Google accounts?

To delete an email that is already registered as an alternative address, but which you no longer use, just follow the same step-by-step path above ('How to add an alternate email in Gmail?')and tap the trash icon located next to the address you want to delete.

How to delete alternate account

How to sign in with a new account from another address?

For some, this is certainly Gmail's best feature: being able to add a secondary email and have access to multiple accounts at the same time. After all, it's hard to find someone with just one account these days, isn't it?

The feature allows you to add another email address, so you can access your personal, work, college email inbox, and as many more as you like.

It is allowed to add other Google accounts, but also addresses of services such as iCloud (Apple), Outlook, Hotmail, Live, Office 365, Yahoo and IMAP (“Internet Message Access Protocol”, or “Internet Message Access Protocol” ” in translation). The latter, that is to say, is a management protocol which allows you to read your Gmail messages from other emails and vice versa.

Check out the walkthrough below to learn how to add another Gmail account. Our procedure was done through the mobile app, which is the simplest and most practical way to carry out the process.

  1. Open the Gmail app, click on your photo and press the option “Add another account”;
How to sign in with a new account
  1. Then select the type of email you want to add – whether it's Google, iCloud, Hotmail, etc.
How to sign in with a new account
  1. Then enter the email address and click “Next”. Add the email access password and click “Enter” – remember that the password used here is the same combination you use to log into the email you want to add, not the Gmail password;

Note: Google will likely offer you “Gmailify” mode, a Gmail tool announced in 2016 that merges emails and adds all the features of Gmail to other accounts. However, this is not a mandatory option.

How to sign in with a new account
  1. Okay, now you can access your emails from other accounts in a single terminal.
How to sign in with a new account

Go directly to Gmail: How to access your inbox without a password and email address

Yes, it's also possible to log in directly to Gmail without having to use a password or enter your address.

To do this, just configure Google to save your logins and passwords, so access is automatic. On mobile phones, using the app is also an option for optimized access.

It is worth remembering that, as well as the Chrome, other browsers like Safari, Mozila Firefox, Microsoft Edge etc. have the same tool. An important tip is that the feature should only be used on devices you trust, to prevent unauthorized access and maintain the protection of your account and privacy.

But let's get down to business!

How to enable Google autocompletion?

  1. Open Chrome, tap the three dots on the sides of the page and go to “Settings”;
How to enable Google autocompletion
  1. On the “Auto-Fill” tab, click on “Passwords”. Then activate the selector switches for “Offer to save passwords” and “Automatic Login”;
How to enable Google autocompletion

Tip: in this same tab, scrolling down, you can see the passwords already saved, being possible to copy them, edit them or remove them. If you are the administrator of the computer where the account is logged in, you can even check passwords on other sites - a simple and very useful trick in situations where we forget about an important login, which we haven't accessed for some time, or that we want to have on the cell phone or other device.

Sign in to Gmail with another login: Is there a limit on accounts logged in at the same time?

Google doesn't specify how many people can log in to a common account, but makes it clear that “by default, users can log in to multiple Google Accounts at the same time on a Chrome OS device, so they can switch between accounts without having to log out and log in again.”

For business accounts, however, there is the Google Admin Console, where a single administrator manages all access and some account limit specifications are tied to the service contract. It is only possible to access this field with an administrator e-mail, and access through your personal e-mail address is not possible.

From the home page of the Admin console, go to the path Devices >> Google Chrome Management >> Settings >> Users and Browsers, to have access to users.

You can also go to "User experience" and "Multi-login access" to configure specific concurrent access settings.

It is worth mentioning: Admin login is only possible for corporate accounts, schools, etc. However, in the case of a common account – a college group, for example – where you need to grant access to several people, all it takes is for everyone to have their email login and password.

Through the "Security Scan", in the "Security" tab of the account, you can also access "Your devices" and manage which devices are connected to Gmail. Thus, it is possible to remove or authorize access. The procedure can be done either by computer or by cell phone.

Sign in to Gmail with another login account limit

It's important to explain that multiple accounts in Gmail have separate settings, ie "when you log in to multiple accounts, the account settings aren't shared between them, they can have different language settings or login steps, for example", as explained by Google.

I can't log in to my Google account, what to do?

One of the main reasons for not being able to access your account is to mistype your password combination.

If this is your case, just click on "Forgot your password?" at login time and follow Google's directions to create a new combination. A verification that you are trying to change the password yourself should be requested, usually by email or mobile phone.

I can't log into my Google account

The same goes for when you forgot your email address. If the alternate address doesn't work either, click on “Forgot your email?”.

Another tip is to always check if the “Caps Lock” key is not activated – one of the most common problems that prevents login.

These are the two most common and basic issues that prevent people from being able to log in to Gmail.

Now, if you've verified this information and the access still doesn't work, search the Google Help Center (you can access it this way). There you can either search for your problem within the “help topics”, which brings together the most recurrent questions, or you can also select from the drop-down menu the one that best suits your case.

I can't log into my Google account

How to create a Gmail?

With all these tutorials from 'How to log in and sign in with another Gmail account' or 'How to access another Gmail account via mobile', we forgot the main thing: do you know how to create a Gmail?

We've prepared a quick walkthrough for you to also know how to create a Google email.

First, to access Gmail, you need a Google account. It will give you access to several services in addition to the messaging platform, such as Youtube, Google Play and Google Drive.

On the computer:

  1. To get started, go to the page to create your account here and fill in the information in the spaces indicated. Follow the steps that appear on the screen to continue;
How to create Google account from computer
  1. Then use the account you created to log into Gmail. Generally, when logging into the Google account, the Gmail option as well as Drive, Maps, News and so on. are on the side menu of the Google search homepage.

The option also appears beside the menu, just click on “Gmail”, in any of the fields, to access your messages;

How to create Google account from computer

On the cellphone:

The procedure to create a Gmail by mobile phone is practically the same as the one done by computer. To access the emails, however, you must download the “Gmail” app.

That's because, unlike web access, you'll need to download each of the apps to access their respective services, such as Drive, Documents, Hangouts, Chrome, Google search, among others. 

How to create Google account from mobile

How to secure your Gmail account

In addition to basic problems such as forgetting your password or email address, failures can arise. security in Gmail, as intrusion by hackers. And this may be one of the reasons for you not being able to login. 

Thus, it is important to keep your account safe and secure with the tips and resources that Google itself offers, such as:

  •  Choose a strong password

According to Google, a combination rated “strong” is at least 12 characters long and includes a mix of numbers, symbols, and upper and lower case letters. Avoid using passwords like “Password123”, which are easy and sequential combinations, or which contain personal information such as birthdays.

  • Do not use the same password on different services

use the same senha in different services is very risky. That's because if an attacker discovers the password of a single service, it means that he can gain access to many other platforms.

Google has a tool called “Password Check-up”, through which you can check if your matches are considered “weak”, if they have been exposed in an online leak, or if they are being used in more than one account.

  • Don't open suspicious emails and be careful with phishing

Phishing is a technique used by cybercriminals to get personal information, and often the schemes they use to deceive unsuspecting or distracted users are quite convincing.

So, regardless of where the email requesting the sensitive information came from, or who the message recipient is, never give out your personal information – especially financial ones. Even if it looks like the request came from someone you know.

Be aware that Google, like banks, never asks for your password. Be it email, message in messenger apps, phone call, or even SMS. In addition, you should never click on links, messages, web pages or pop-ups from untrustworthy sites or senders.

If you receive a suspicious email, you can always report it as Spam or phishing by clicking on the three dots on the sides of the email and then on “Report as Spam” or “Report as phishing”.

How to report spam and phishing in Gmail email

In addition, there are some features that can be observed in emails to verify their authenticity, such as checking if the email address and the sender's name match, for example.

It's also worth remembering that if the message looks authentic, but it came with a question mark next to the sender's name, that means Gmail can't know where the email came from.

  • Add and review account recovery options

To add account recovery options you need to log into your Google Account and access the “Security” tab.

Then go to “Ways to verify your identity” and add your phone number and email. It is important that this information is up to date for the security check to work.

Also add XNUMX-step verification – also known as “two-factor authentication”. For this, in the same tab “Security”, enter “How to log in to Google” and activate the verification.

According to Google, some tips can also help in recovering an account, they are: 

  1. Answer as many security questions as possible;
  1. Use a known device to sign in to Gmail or Google Account;
  1. Be exact in typing passwords and answers;
  1. Inform an email connected to the account;
  1. Add useful details, such as if Google asks “why aren't you able to access your account?”, specifically answer “I'm traveling” or “I believe my account has been compromised by a malware or for another reason.”
  1. Don't leave your e-mail logged on other people's computers and cell phones

When you need to sign in to Gmail or Google Account using other devices in an emergency, or even at work, for example, you should remember to sign out after completing the activity.

Having your account accessible through other devices can also give others access to your information, which puts your data and privacy.

You can access most of these settings through the “Security” tab of the Google Account. It even shows you whether or not all aspects of a secure account are enabled in your profile and, if not, identifies issues to be resolved – this process is known as “Security Check”.

Sign in to Gmail with another login how to secure your account

Updating Google's software is also important, as updates often bring new forms of security in addition to fixing bugs.

We also recommend removing unnecessary browser extensions and apps because, according to Google, “the more apps you install on a device, the more vulnerable it can be. On devices that have access to sensitive information, install only essential apps and browser extensions. To protect your device and your personal information, avoid installing apps that are unknown or from unknown sources.”

If you suspect that someone is impersonating you when creating a Gmail, you can make a report through Internet Crime Complaint Center, or contact your state's consumer protection agency. 

It is noteworthy that, according to Gmail's Terms of Use, the platform “cannot participate in mediations on identity falsification involving third parties”.

The company also has strict policies on harassment, child abuse, copyright and abuse in general, where they are made available forms officials for formal complaints with the company.

Accessing other devices with greater security

One more tool that Google offers for your security, especially from other devices, is access as a guest.

The tool is useful when we are going to access a device that is not ours, such as the one from the company we work for or from an internet cafe – former “lan houses”.

To browse as a visitor, just click on your Google profile – on the three side dots – and select “Visitor”.

A new tab will open so you can browse without adding your data or saving searches to someone else's account.

In the case of a computer that you trust, but that is used by many people – you, your brother, your mother, etc. – it is also possible to organize and optimize browsing by creating profiles. 

To do this, just click on your profile picture – the smaller one next to the address bar – and tap the “Other Profiles” gear icon.

Sign in to Gmail with another login how to secure your account

Then tap “Add” and log in to the new account.

Know that, even without being logged into your account, you can also customize the tab and use it only to log into work sites, for example. For existing profiles, there are additional possibilities such as: changing the name, modifying the theme, or even deleting the profile.


Ufa! Okay, with this article you learned several aspects of management and security in the Gmail account.

You've seen how to sign in to Gmail with another login, how to access (and sign out) your Gmail account from your mobile phone, how to access Gmail using an alternate email, how to add and also delete alternate emails, how to add and access other accounts at the same time, he found a practical way to access his inbox without having to login or password, activating the auto-completion; saw how to create a Gmail account and, in addition, received tips on how to protect your account, as well as understanding how to access it using other devices as a guest.

After all that, we still have a bonus tip: o Olhar Digital always works to develop tutorial content that will help you to master access to websites, applications and other resources and services available on the Internet.

In the case of Gmail, we also have other walkthroughs teaching tricks and features unknown to the app, such as changing your profile picture (which you can check out this way), tips about how to free up more space of storage on the platform and on how to transform a message from the Gmail in PDF file.

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