Tinder's main focus is connecting people with common tastes to, who knows, form new couples or flirt. However, the Covid-19 pandemic changed many things in society and also in the interests of those who want flirt.

One of the most debated subjects nowadays is the support for vaccination, because even the science proving the safety and efficacy of vaccines, many people are against the protection measure.


Therefore, proving to be in favor of immunization has become a selection criterion during online flirting.

Thinking about making this filter easier for users, Tinder created the movement “Unidos pela Vacina”.

When activating the feature, the app displays a sticker on the users profile, proving that they support the vaccines and even that they are already vaccinated against Covid-19.

See the tutorial below to learn how to activate the feature and make sure you know the people you're thinking about getting involved with. relationship app.

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How to put a sticker in support of vaccination on Tinder

1 – Open the Tinder application, available for Android e iOS;

2 – In the lower right corner of the screen, click on your profile icon;

Print from the Tinder app

3 – Click on the option to edit profile;

Print from the Tinder app

4 – Look for the “Sticker” tab and select the “Add sticker” option;

Print from the Tinder app

5 – Activate the option “Show sticker on my profile”;

Print from the Tinder app

6 – Next, choose a patch that fits your vaccination situation. There are options for those who are still waiting for the second dose, for those who have already completed the immunization and for those who are still waiting for the moment to get vaccinated;

Print from the Tinder app

7 – Tinder also offers information about vaccination in your state, just select it and click on “Learn more”.

Print from the Tinder app

Ready! Now you know how to add a sticker in support of vaccination to your Tinder profile.

Featured Image Credits: Davide Bonaldo/Shutterstock

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