One of the features of YouTube Premium, the monthly signature from the video platform of Google, is the ability to download videos without the need for third-party applications or tools.

The function was already available to subscribers by cell phone, and has now been announced in test phase for those who access YouTube through their browser. Check how to activate the feature.


How to download YouTube videos by browser

At first, keep in mind that you have to browse YouTube via Google Chrome, Opera or Microsoft Edge for the new feature to work. Other browsers still do not support the function.

1. The first step is to access: The address lists some experimental features that can be accessed in advance by YouTube Premium subscribers.

2. In the 'Download videos using your browser' section, click 'Take a test'.

3. Ready! Now, to test the feature, open a video on YouTube and click 'Download' as in the example below. A blue 'Saved' badge indicates that the content has been successfully downloaded to your account.

4. Then, to access all downloaded videos, click on the three vertical lines on the upper left side and go to 'Downloads'.

5. To adjust the quality at which videos are downloaded, click 'Download Settings' and select the desired resolution.

The downloaded videos are all listed in the 'Downloads' section. Image: Screenshot

6. Around here, in addition to the download settings, note that there is also the option to delete all downloads.

Easy, isn't it? Now you're on top of another YouTube Premium feature. Remember that downloading videos by browser is still being tested. According to Google, the feature will be available until October 19th. It remains to be seen if the news will catch on or if it will be discarded by the search giant after that date.

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Main Image Credits: Thaspol Sangsee/Shutterstock

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