O Taliban is an extremist fundamentalist group that took command of Afghanistan just over a month ago, after the troops of the United States announce the complete departure from the country.

With the rebel group in power, several inhabitants of Afghanistan began to try to leave the country for fear of repression, especially those who worked for international organizations and the US government.


Nations around the world have taken action to remove people from the country, however, Facebook is co-founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman, decided to fund a flight to evacuate 188 journalists, aid workers and other people who were in danger.

Taliban radicals in front of a Super Tucano
Facebook and LinkedIn founder fund flight for refugees from Afghanistan. Credit: Reproduction/Social Media

Passengers on the flight would be taken to Abu Dabhi and then transferred to Mexico City. However, in addition to the 188 listed, employees of the airline responsible for the flight placed another 155 passengers on the plane.

Despite the good intentions, the extra guests aroused concern around the world, including the immigration authorities who had the flight as their destination, as well as the rescue funders.

According to the UAE government, the 188 listed were initially flown to Mexico, while the other 155 and employees of the airline Kam Air remain in the country for proper identification.

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US Secretary of State Antony Blinken praised the attitude of private companies such as Facebook and other charities that are working to evacuate people from Afghanistan, but warned of the danger of the action, as well as saying it makes it difficult the security processes being adopted by the US.

“Extra lives being saved should never be associated with a claim,” Eric Montalvo, attorney and former US Marine who helped organize the flights, said in an interview with Bloomberg. “Life is precious. You cannot create the circumstances for failure and then blame the victims of that failure for their desire to survive,” he added.

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