Aiming to attract new users to its audio chat platform, the Clubhouse (Android | iOS) announced the “Wave” feature to facilitate the way to invite new people. The social network officially shared the tool after rumors come up last week.

With the resource the users can invite friends to live chats by just clicking on a waving hand emoji. Upon accepting the invitation, new users are automatically directed to the call in question.

Release of new Clubhouse feature
Clubhouse announces new feature to invite people to social network. Image: Disclosure

Apparently, in addition to gaining new users, the Clubhouse is looking to cause more casual conversations between friends on the platform which, after its initial fame, is being widely used by companies and agencies focused on professional experiences.

The audio social network is struggling to keep up, after all, other tech giants have created similar features, such as the Spaces from Twitter. One of the methods adopted by the Clubhouse was to drop the requirement for invitations to become a new member.

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The feat happened recently, right after the platform was made available for Android phones. During the demand for invitations, it was even necessary to wait in lines to be able to see the news. After the great success, the developers finally leave the beta version behind and announce free access for all.

According to the official Clubhouse blog, to send a Wave, simply “swipe to the right in the hallway or tap on the dots icon at the bottom left of the screen. Then pin the wave button next to the person you'd like to chat with. They'll get a notification that you said hello and they'll know you're open to chat.”

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