Last Friday (25), the federal government intends to raise around 10 billion reais with the auction of frequencies for the 5G wireless telecommunications service, which is scheduled for November 4th. This takes into account the minimum values ​​of lots and offers for all of them, according to the members of the Anatel and the Ministry of Communications.

After more than a year of analysis between bodies that included the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU), the auction will require several obligations of investments of the winners between the years 2022 and 2029, totaling around 40 billion reais, considering the minimum values ​​of the lots.


In comparison, the 4G spectrum auction that was held in 2014 and had a fundraising bias, the government raised around 5,8 billion reais, along with operators Claro, Vivo and TIM being the main winners. In this, the obligations of the 5G auction include from taking Internet speed to thousands of public schools across the country to the connection of the country's highway corridors to 4G technology.

“The band that draws the most attention is the 3,5 GHz, which is the gateway to 5G,” explained Morais, president of the agency, Leonardo de Morais. According to him, the band will be divided into five frequency blocks, with an economic value of 6 billion reais.

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Among the associated obligations, “1,5 billion reais will be allocated to connectivity programs in the Amazon. In addition, we will also allocate 1 billion reais of these commitments from national lots to a private network versed in public policies to be defined by the Ministry (of Communications", emphasized the president of Anatel.

Furthermore, the president of Anatel said that 2,3 billion reais in investment obligations linked to the 3,5 GHz block will be used to migrate free-to-air TV satellite dishes, which are already used by families in more distant regions of the country . About 600 cities in the country will receive high-capacity data transport infrastructure and with the obligations foreseen for the 3,5 GHz band, he concluded.

Source: UOL

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