Compliant o Olhar Digital released last Friday (24), Brazil has two representatives in the final of the FameLab Climate Change Communicators, a world competition for scientific communication organized by the British Council, international organization of the United Kingdom for cultural relations and educational opportunities. 

This Tuesday (28), the videos of the ten finalists were presented to the jury and the public by the event's YouTube channel. 


Over the next 24 hours, popular voting will be open to elect the public's favorite science communicator.

Emiliane Daher Pereira and Larissa Cunha Pinheiro are the Brazilian finalists for FameLab Climate Change Communicators. Image: Instagram screenshot

“Ten aspiring science communicators are battling it out in the British Council's FameLab Climate Change Communicators online final to become the next influential voice in climate action,” says the event description. “The finalists representing Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Philippines, Mexico and Brazil are: Aditi Chandra, Arka Chakraborty, Danny Daniels, Emiliane Daher Pereira, John Leo Algo, Larissa Cunha Pinheiro, Mayur Bonkile, Minh Anh Le, Navjeet Kaur and Pallavi Pokharel”.

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Each contestant had only three minutes to present their work or research related to the climate science to win the hearts and minds of the audience and judges. According to the contest organizers, finalists will be judged based on FameLab's 3C's – content, clarity and charisma – before the panel decides who will take home the coveted title of global winner. 

According to Emiliane Daher Pereira, one of Brazil's finalists in the contest, the winner of the popular vote will not necessarily be the one who makes it to the final, which takes place in November. “This choice is made by the judges”, he explains.

However, the choice of the public is of great importance, as the chosen one is also considered one of the winners of the competition.

To help Brazil, access the event's official website at this link and vote for one of our representatives. In addition to Emiliane, who defended her work on circular economy in the use of polymers, we also have Larissa Cunha Pinheiro, whose work is on the use of nuclear energy as a source of clean electricity and sustainable hydrogen production.

The result of the popular vote will be released live on the event's YouTube channel on Thursday (30) at 11am, UK time (7am GMT).

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