If anyone has reason to complain about another Monday, it's Mark Zuckerberg. The CEO of Facebook faced a dog day this October 4th, with the drop in services of the company, which include the social network he founded and the ones he bought: Instagram and WhatsApp. Besides, he still lost a lot.

Zuckerberg has seen investor confidence in his platforms weaken, not only from the drop in services, but also from increased political pressure. So Facebook shares fell 4,8%, taking billions off the CEO. His fortune decreased by US$ 5,9 billion, around R$ 32 billion, in this second quote.


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The lost money means that the billionaire's wealth has now totaled $117 billion, or $638 billion. Now Mark Zuckerberg is the sixth richest person in the world, according to the magazine Forbes.

Other high-ranking members of the company were equally affected, in different amounts. Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook (COO), also saw his fortune reduced. Now, it has “only” US$1,9 billion, a mere R$10,3 billion.

In addition to personal wealth, the mistake likely cost millions of dollars in revenue. Last quarter, for example, Facebook and its other platforms generated about $330 million a day in sales.

Instagram logo
Instagram belongs to Facebook and was also affected. Image: Shutterstock logo

This is not the first blackout of the Facebook. In 2019, the company's network spent 14 hours offline. Before, in 2008, it was a whole day, but at that time, the dependence on communication through the social network was much lower. In addition to affecting users, this Monday's interruption harmed company employees, who were unable to access e-mail, internal messaging and even enter the headquarters.

Another problem that the company will face this week is the hearing of Frances Haugen, former product manager, in the US Congress, this Tuesday (5). She will testify about the decision to become a whistleblower and leak information to the Wall Street Journal.

Street: Forbes

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