O technology market of information was one of the least impacted by the pandemic and, in general, one of those that managed to recover quickly. proof of this is a Recent study by Revelo, which points out that hirings in the first months of this year already add up to 95,6% of the total registered in 2019.

With the reheating of the market, some specific areas of IT are also emerging in terms of vacancies. One of them is mobile: programadores applications, which registered a 600% increase in vacancies in the first half of 2021, compared to the same period last year, according to data from GeekHunter.

Illustration shows a keyboard and mouse, above you can see several keys with programming codes
Demand for mobile developer grows 600% in 2021. Credit: Chaosamran_Studio/Shutterstock

The company specializing in the recruitment and hiring of IT professionals shows that not only the offers are highlighted, but also the salaries that, in some cases, even exceed R$ 10 thousand.

“Considering the history, we estimate an annual growth between 10% and 20% in the average salary of these professionals, considering the shortage of labor, competition with international companies and the growth of vacancies”, says Lucas Martins, CTO of GeekHunter. 

The average salary was also high, with greater emphasis on junior profiles, with up to two years of experience, which had an 18% increase. For seniors, with more than six years of career, it was 11%. 

Currently, the average salary in the CLT and PJ categories is R$ 6 thousand for junior professionals, R$ 7,8 for full and R$ 10,8 for senior professionals, with some salaries of up to R$ 25 thousand.

Tips for beginners

The professional mobile developer is responsible for creating, testing and implementing software for mobile devices. This is what Alexandre Santos Costa does.

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Graduated in Information System Management, the specialist started his way in programming at the age of 15, having continued with the learning in the formal job market to, in 2014, reach the role of mobile developer.

Costa gave three main tips for those who are starting the path through programming:

  • Have the basic knowledge of computing

“This helps professionals better understand how things work and solve problems. How to make the app flow for users, including those who use older versions? How to prepare the code to be as optimized as possible? The basis of computing helps to think about these solutions”, he explains.

  • Start with Cross-Platform Technologies

For Costa, some technologies that talk to each other, such as Flutter, React Native, Ionic or Xamarin, which allow developing using more general languages ​​such as JavaScript, Dart or C#, are a good gateway for those who want to program for mobile devices.

"That way, it is possible to generate applications for iOS and Android without having to write the code twice."

In his opinion, it is also important to know the platforms well and a little about the specialized languages. In the case of the iOS operating system, the best known are Objective-C and Swift; for Android, Java and Kotlin.

  • Focus on the user

In addition to technical knowledge, Costa says that it is essential to keep the focus on the user in mind when developing.

“The most important thing is to know that application development requires focus on the user and the professional needs to be proactive, thinking about constant improvements from the point of view of user experience and accessibility”, adds Costa.

Job market

With the pandemic, several companies that were not online started to digitize their business and some of them, especially in the restaurant and food service business, migrated their operations to online and had to rely on third-party applications to perform their deliveries, such as the best known Rappi, iFood and UberEats.

Gradually, more used to the dynamics of these applications, many companies chose to develop their own mobile applications, which further increased the demand for specialized professionals. It is in this sense that interested parties can act in the market.

“Companies are vying for people's attention, trying to attract them to these mobile platforms, so that they can increase the delivery of value”, observes Lucas Martins, from GeekHunter.

Therefore, the demand for professionals with this focus should increase even more in the coming months.

Main Image Credit: Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

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