Frances Haugen is a former Facebook employee who served as product manager from 2019 until May this year and has now decided to make serious disclosures about the social network, even took his denunciations to the Congress of United States and to the Brazilian Securities Commission – the body responsible for regulating financial markets.

In his testimony to Congress, Haugen said that Facebook is earning its profits based on the security of its users. users. The whistleblower further stated that “the choices made within Facebook are disastrous for our children, our public safety, our privacy and our democracy” and stressed that the company must be held accountable for future changes.

“Facebook's choices are disastrous for public safety and democracy,” says a former employee at a US Congressional hearing. Image: Reproduction/Social Networks

Haugen revealed his identity on 60 Minutes last Sunday (3), and stated that Facebook was aware that his algorithm facilitates the dissemination of fake news, but preferred to preserve profits over security.

While anonymous, the former employee provided documents to The Wall Street Journal for disclosure that the social network favors celebrities on their social networks, allowing content policies not to apply to these profiles. Another big controversy arising from the complainant was that the company knows that the Instagram is harmful to mental health of teenagers and did nothing to change that.

While in Congress, the former Facebook employee said the company intentionally hides “vital information” from the public and governments in the United States and around the world.

“The documents I provided to Congress prove that Facebook has repeatedly misled the public about what its own research reveals about the safety of children, the effectiveness of its artificial intelligence systems, and its role in disseminating divisive and extreme messages,” Haugen reported. .

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Senator Richard Blumenthal, chairman of the committee hearing Haugen's testimony, said, “Facebook knows that its products can be addictive and toxic to children. They value their profit more than the pain they cause children and their families.”

The former employee also urged the congress to demand full transparency from Facebook and pointed out that the company wants people to believe that the problems raised by the allegations are impossible to be resolved.

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