The cryptocurrency mining aroused the interest of a in the transport sector, Sino-Global Shipping America. This Monday (4), the company that supplies cargo on large vessels announced a million-dollar partnership with a blockchain company (HighSharp)

with a first investment at US$ 10 million (R$ 55 million), the joint venture's goal will be to develop the 'Thor Bitcoin Mining Machine', a proprietary mining machine aimed at extracting bitcoins — a cryptocurrency that exceeded US$ 50 thousand in market value this Tuesday (5).

ASIC mining equipment
Mining equipment set. Image: Artie Medvedev/Shutterstock

The project, according to a statement from Sino, is already coming off the ground. For now, it is necessary to obtain the necessary patent registrations and think about the look of the product, in addition to outlining marketing and sales strategies before the novelty hits the market.

Sino-Global says it will invest even more heavily in the idea in the coming years, around US$ 50 million.

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For the founder and CEO of the logistics company, Lei Cao, the shortage of electronic components (chip crisis), which also reflected the lack of mining devices, opens up a new investment opportunity: “This is a major strategic development for Sino-Global with the potential for significant long-term financial benefits,” said the executive.

“The name we chose (Thor) underscores the considerable combined resources of our JV, market knowledge and ability to meet the unmet demand for mining machines,” he concluded.

The company's plan is to fill this demand and advance in the sector. For now, there is no release forecast for the product.

Main Image Credits: Igor Batrakov/Shutterstock

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