A SPTrans – company of City Hall of São Paulo and responsible for public transport by bus – announced last Friday (1) that the start of tests for payments via QR Code in public buses in the city.

Initially, the payment will be tested in 17 vehicles on the 4031-10 line, which connects Parque Santa Madalena, in the East Zone, to the Tamanduateí Metro station, where around 6 people pass daily.

Image shows the external side of a bus in the city of São Paulo, stamped with the words City Hall of São Paulo and the city hall's coat of arms.
São Paulo City Hall starts testing payment via QR Code on buses. Credit: Alf Ribeiro/Shutterstock

Payment via QR Code will be possible through the SP Pass app (available for Android e iOS), which allows users to add credit via bank slip, PIX, bank DOC, debit and credit cards, or at lottery outlets.

After filling up the electronic wallet, the user needs to show the code generated to the bus turnstile reader and the balance of the ticket will be debited.

Remember that payment via QR Code does not allow integration with other buses, or even with Subway e CPTM.

In addition to allowing payment in public transport on buses in the capital, the application will also allow the stored credits to be used for online purchases, bicycle rental and even payment for taxi rides.

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The City of São Paulo informs that the QR Code testing phase should last six months and, during this period, adjustments and surveys will be carried out with passengers to improve the tool.

The institution also reports that the new payment method will be an alternative to payments such as the well-known Bilhete Único and traditional cash, and not a rule.

QR Code on public transport

Despite being in the testing phase on SP buses, payment via QR Code is already available on Metro lines and CPTM a few months ago.

In addition to providing the payment option in the TOP app (also available for Android and iOS), the State Government also allows you to purchase credits at Metro and CPTM stations, where there are self-service machines that allow passengers to buy their credits and remove a paper with the code which, in turn, is read directly by the turnstiles.

Main Image Credit: Sasin Paraksa/Shutterstock

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