In a megaleak like few others, the favorite system of game streamers has just been published in full on the internet. Payments, history, and even the source code (the programming language text that lets you recreate the app anywhere): almost everything from Twitch it was leaked yesterday and is available to anyone who wants it via torrent.

The leak is 125GB and was made on a 4Chan forum, with the anonymous post stating that it wants to "stimulate more disruption and competition in the online video streaming space." And immediately noticed by game developers:


What from Twitch leaked on 4Chan?

The file has been verified by the team at The Verge as probably legitimate. The complete list of leaked contents is:

  • 3 years of payment details;
  • Everything from, “with history since its inception”;
  • Source code for the mobile, desktop and console versions of Twitch clients;
  • Code linked to the internal AWS SDKs and services used by Twitch;
  • Data from other Twitch properties like IGDB and CurseForge;
  • Twitch's built-in security tools;

And, most curious of all: a competitor app never released, from Amazon Game Studios, codenamed Vapor. It also contains the complete source code.

As for passwords, there are contradictory information: either they are not included (according to The Verge) or they are, but with encryption (according to Sinoc).

The recommendation for anyone who thinks their profile has been leaked on Twitch is the same as for anyone hit by a situation like this. Let everyone who uses the service change their passwords and enable the XNUMX-step verification system.

As of this writing, Twitch had not yet commented on the leak.

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