YouTube is the biggest video platform of the world and has content for all possible tastes and ways, becoming one of the most used tools, reaching the mark of 2 billion users monthly.

According to a survey released by Google Brazil, the country is the second with the most hours of content watched on the platform, second only to the United States.


However, even though it gains new users daily and keeps them using its tool, YouTube has released some features that warn users about the amount of time they are in the app.

The tool is aimed at the digital well-being of users and works as a reminder on the platform. You can add a notification for bedtime and another notification for when videos need to be paused.

Here in this tutorial, you can find out how to set up both types of reminders. Look!

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See how to add reminders on YouTube

1 – Open the YouTube app, available for Android e iOS;

2 – On the home page, click on your profile icon in the upper right corner;

Print from the YouTube app

3 - Select the "Settings" option;

Print from the YouTube app

4 – Then click on “General”;

Print from the YouTube app

5 – In the next window you can choose between the options “Reminder to take a break” and “Remind me of bedtime”;

Print from the YouTube app

6 – In the first option, it is necessary to define how often the reminder will be activated;

Print from the YouTube app

7 – For the bedtime reminder, it is necessary to inform what will be the defined time.

Print from the YouTube app

Ready! Now you know how to turn on YouTube reminders to ensure you don't go overboard when using Google's video platform.

Main Image Credit: Thais Ceneviva / Shutterstock

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