Facemoji is a startup that joined the wave of virtual avatars and is building a platform to help game and app developers put the digital dolls in these environments. The news is that Twitter is now investing in Facemoji.

The company recently opened an investment round and managed to raise US$ 3 million. Part of that money came from the social network, which now has a stake in the company.


facemoji on twitter

Virtual avatars have had their heyday on the internet until they have been forgotten for a few years. However, in recent times, Apple's Memojis have reactivated the desire for puppets and social networks have started looking for similar systems, such as Facebook.

The fact that Twitter is investing in Facemoji does not necessarily mean that the models will arrive on the social network, but it does show that the company sees a future in this type of project.

The startup's main focus is to maintain its own rendering system, which can be applied to other games and social networks. This isn't the first deal of its kind involving 3D avatar software. Recently, Roblox acquired Loom.ai and Epic Games acquired HyperSense.

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