Soon, the Roscosmos it will be forced to accomplish much more with much fewer resources. That's because the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, is not at all satisfied with the performance of the russian space program and has already announced that it will reduce the budget allocated to the agency.

Roscosmos' latest launch: The Soyuz-2.1a rocket was successfully launched with the manned Soyuz MS-19 spacecraft as part of the 'Challenge' scientific and educational project. Russian government will cut budget for the country's space program. Image: Roscosmos

According to the website Ars Technica, the cut will be around 16% per year until 2024. For 2022, the state budget for space activities will be set at US$2,9 billion, a cut of US$557 million from the year previous. 


Similar cuts will occur in subsequent years. The most significant reductions will be in areas such as “technology manufacturing activities” and “cosmódromo development”. Funding for “scientific research and development” was entirely zeroed.

Also according to the publication, at a space industry meeting held at the end of last month, Putin criticized the failure to comply with guidelines on long-term goals in the space sphere. In 2020, for example, Roscosmos failed to meet 30 of the 83 commitments made.

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Loss of strength against SpaceX would have angered Vladimir Putin

Putin reportedly told Roscosmos that the agency must increase the reliability of Russian rockets and “master” the next generation of launch vehicles. This directive came in response to growing competition in the global space launch business, particularly with SpaceX.

It is important to remember that the country passed a new law banning journalists or non-state-run publications from covering the space program and the industry, threatening that anyone who continues to do so will be considered a “foreign agent”.

Russian authorities have repeatedly criticized and threatened to abandon the International Space Station (ISS), despite the construction and launch of new modules – and a film crew – to the orbital outpost.

The president expects Roscosmos to focus heavily on improving its space launch capabilities so that it can once again rival NASA and now SpaceX. 

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