It's not the first time, and it certainly won't be the last, that WhatsApp stays off air and generates an avalanche of memes and also a wave of migration to competing applications. The Telegram, for example, received millions of new users with the latest Facebook messenger blackout.

WhatsApp's rival even has an interesting feature that facilitates the migration of conversations to its platform.


The application lets you import individual chats, groups and even media files. The only downside is: the process has to be conversation-by-conversation and your contact also needs to have an active Telegram account for the procedure to work.

Check out the guide below how to enjoy the feature on both Android and iPhone.

How to export WhatsApp conversations to Telegram on Android

1. First, go to an individual or group chat and tap the three vertical dots on the upper right side.

2. Then tap More > Export conversation.

How to export WhatsApp conversations to Telegram on Android
It is noteworthy that, as in the example above, you can export conversations with or without the included media files. Image: Screenshot

3. From the bottom menu, select Telegram.

How to export WhatsApp conversations to Telegram on Android

4. Now just select the contact or group you want to import the content into Telegram and finally tap 'Import'. The process may take a few seconds or more depending on the data volume.

In the end, Telegram informs you that messages coming from WhatsApp will appear with the original time and date they were sent in your message history.

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How to export conversations to Telegram on iPhone

The process is basically the same as for Android.

1. First, open a chat window for a contact or group and tap their name that appears at the top of the screen.

2. Two options will appear: 'Attach Media' or 'No Media'. Choose the option you want.

3. Under 'Share', select the Telegram.

4. Finally, just choose the conversation that will receive the imported data.

Ready! Now you are aware of another Telegram feature that can help you if you intend to migrate once and for all to WhatsApp's main competitor.

Main Image Credits: AlexandraPopova/Shutterstock

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