arrival at iOS 15 brought several updates to the iPhone, mainly in the context of mobile notifications. In addition to the update in "Focus Mode", which you can learn more about this way, the “Notifications Summary” was also implemented.

But what is this?


The “Notifications Summary” serves to reduce the frequency with which your smartphone issues alerts. The system allows you to select and limit notifications from aplicativos specific, so that everything is more organized and grouped.

The new feature even makes it possible to schedule opportune times to receive these "reports" with a summary of your alerts for the day - which can be very useful so that you are not bothered all day with signals on your cell phone, in addition to give an alternative option to disabling all notifications.

But let's get down to business!

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How to enable Summary Notifications?

1. Open “Settings” on iPhone and click on “Notifications”;

2. Then tap “Scheduled Summary” and activate the keyswitch;

3. Next, add the apps that will go into the summary list and click on “Add Apps” – the red dot that appears below the program name is the average notifications you receive from that app;

4. Set the time you want to receive the 'Notifications Summaries'.

Important! You can define how many summaries you want to receive in the day. To set up an additional summary at another time, just tap “Add Summary”. Then click on “Enable Notification Summary”;

5. When you activate the “Show Next Summary” key, a banner will appear in your Notification Center, notifying you of the next report.

Ready! Now you know how to use iPhone Notification Summary.

Main Image Credit: DANIEL CONSTANTE/Shutterstock

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