Instabilities, errors, data leakage, content deleted without any justification and scams on apps like Facebook and Instagram can be registered on the platform from the government, to The measure was published in the National Consumer Secretariat (Senacon).

According to the survey carried out by Senacon - linked to the Ministry of Justice and Public Security - complaints from users of aplicativos of social networks increased by 300% in the period from January to July this year. As a result, the main complaints are focused on the registration of false profiles using personal data, the sharing of unauthorized data and charging for unsolicited products and services.


“The consumer accesses, checks the company's registration. He then makes the complaint and the company has a period of 30 days to respond. This channel is important and brings a conflict resolution rate of almost 80% of cases”, explained Lilian Brandão, director of the Department of Protection and Defense of the Consumer.

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In addition, the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic reported that there are 150 million users of social networks in Brazil, which represents 70% of the population.

The system failure on the Facebook platform generated a notification by the São Paulo state Procon, to guide the actions. "Procon-SP intends to identify the causes of the general failure and punish companies with fines of more than R$ 10 million, unless there is a fortuitous event, external and uncontrollable, and thus establish responsibilities for future individual remedial actions", pointed out the Director of Procon, Fernando Capez.

Source: Agency Brazil

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