Everyone has a friend or friend crazy about the signs. If not, that person is you. And it is precisely for aspiring astrologers that the newest promotional video for the series 'The Boys' arrives, production exclusive to Amazon Prime Video.

'The Boys' is about to debut the third season. So the studio released an almost half-hour video on its official YouTube channel in which hosts of an astrology show try to guess the zodiac signs of each of the Seven.


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The first analyzed, of course, is Homelander. Julia, one of the three hosts of 'What's Your Sign', a program also hosted on the Prime Video channel on YouTube, asks everyone to give their opinion at the same time. And the trio chooses the sign of Cancer.

“He's a Cancer, but I think he really just embodies the negative qualities of Cancer,” explained Lisa, another presenter. “He's always looking for the things he needs to provide, right? He was placed in that position of leader of the group, but he is still constantly seeking the approval of others”, he analyzes.

Fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer encompasses those born between June 21st and July 22nd. “As we know, America's birthday is in the Cancer season [4th of July]. He literally wears the American flag as part of his costume. Patriotism, nostalgia, all these things are associated with Cancer, along with the mother… Let's just say that he has some serious problems with Mom”, he amended.

'The Boys', Amazon's superhero series, is renewed for third season
What are the signs of heroes, in your opinion? Image: Amazon Prime Video/Disclosure

The Deep has the show's confirmed birthday date of March 1st, so he's a Pisces. The trio further speculates that Starlight is probably Leo, Aquarius or Libra. They were also divided on A-Train, citing Sagittarius, Aries and Gemini. Black Noar and Queen Maeve were other characters to divide opinions.

Amazon Prime Video has yet to release the release date for third season of 'The Boys', which could happen between the end of this year and the beginning of the next. Still, production for the fourth season starts in 2022.

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