After piss off the breeders of the 'Among Us' with the imposter mode, almost a copy of this game, Epic Games, developer of 'Fortnite', will now collaborate with developer Innersloth. At least, that's what suggests a series of interactions between the two games' Twitter profiles.

Earlier in the afternoon this Tuesday (12), 'Fortnite' tweeted about updates in the Imposter mode and finally cited the inspiration in 'Among Us'. Soon after, Innersloth's game responded with an emoji. The interaction, most likely planned by the teams, continued.


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“Hey 'Among Us', since you're here, we have something to ask you,” said the Epic Games game, whereupon the other questioned what it was. “We are big fans. We never got to talk about how you inspired us. How about doing something fun together?” asked 'Fortnite.

“Yeah. Have your agents contact our crew”, concluded the 'Among Us'. Finally, 'Fortnite' ended by saying that the two teams were going to talk via direct message. Now, wait for what the two games will come up with together.

When Epic Games introduced Imposter mode on 'Fortnite' in July, two members of the 'Among Us' developer team published their annoyances. After all, the dynamics of the new mode of that game reminded too much of the game operation that was fever in 2020.

Victoria Tran, community director for 'Among Us' in the US, used Twitter to express her displeasure. She said in her posts that "it would have been really, really cool to collaborate." Epic Games never even suggested working together on the new 'Fortnite' mode.

Among Us
'Among Us' was a fever in 2020. Photo: Wachiwit/Shutterstock

Another professional who worked at indie game from InnerSloth commenting on the case was programmer Adriel Wallick. “Feeling really upset today. Everything in the world already seemed insurmountable, so this was just another fun reminder of how small we all really are”, published the professional.

In 'Fortnite' Imposter mode, a maximum of ten players are split between eight agents in charge of looking after the Bridge and two imposters to take it. Agents of the Imaginary Order must preserve the set of which the structures that supply the Bridge are part. These players must complete missions such as calibrating chests and llamas, repairing the Battle Bus, and delivering Storm reports for analysis.

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