New research led by scientists at two US institutions has found the reason for a specific type of brain cancer being so adaptable and dangerous. Known as glioblastoma multiformes, this tumor is notable for escaping from the approaches of conventional treatments.

Glioblastoma multiformis is a relatively common type of brain cancer that originates from glial, which is the tissue that supports the brain. They have a fast pace of growth and spread through the brain, often reaching the spinal cord.


sticks to the brain

In Latin, glioma means “glue tumor”, the name was given because this cancer takes root in the brain and nerve cells. Because of this, it is very difficult to carry out any surgical intervention in patients affected with this type of brain cancer, as it is very difficult to cut it out.

Currently, conventional treatment consists of a delicate surgery, followed by radiotherapy and, finally, chemotherapy. Drug treatment is very complicated, as tumor cells from this type of cancer are relatively easy to evade this type of approach.

'Flee' from medicines

Cancer cells are able to adapt to traditional chemotherapy approaches. Image: BrianAJackson – iStockphoto

This is where the discovery of the researchers, who come from the University of Connecticut and the Jackson Laboratory, both in the USA, comes in. According to the scientists, cells of this type of brain tumor can change which genes express reactions in response to environmental stress.

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This means that when they are attacked by anti-cancer drugs, they modify their genes by themselves. With this, they are able to cover themselves or discover themselves while the drug attacks them, substantially increasing the chances of survival of the tumors.

"This article highlights a mechanism by which the tumor potentially adapts to our treatment methods," said study leader Ketan Bulsara. “By understanding these methods of evasion that the tumor uses, we can neutralize them more effectively”, completes the researcher.

Street: Medical Xpress

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