Lindy Cameron, Executive President of the National Cyber ​​Security Centre. Cyber ​​Security, or NCSC), made a serious accusation: according to her, the plague of ransomware has a clear origin: Russia and its surroundings.

“We — together with the NCA (National Crime Agency, “National Crime Agency”) — found that the cybercriminals located in Russia and neighboring countries are responsible for most of the devastating attacks from ransomware against UK targets,” he says.


The representative of the country's cybersecurity agency also said that cyber crimes of data hijacking are "the most immediate problem" in the country.

Ransomware comes from Russia because she leaves

The statement took place during a Chatham House thinktank event and is the first time a British intelligence chief has openly accused the Russians of harboring and protecting cybercriminals, according to the The Guardian.

In May of this year, former foreign secretary Dominic Raab was more subtle in the accusations. The politician declared that states like Russia could not “shake their hands” and say that cybercriminal operations taking place in these territories were not their responsibility.

The pressure is not just coming from the UK. US President Joe Biden twice raised the issue in the last quarter to Vladimir Putin, implying that if nothing was done to stop the ransomware attacks, the government “would be forced” to attack servers belonging to Russian gangs .

China is also a source of concern

Cameron and some experts estimate that Russia, as well as other countries in the Soviet Union, chose to ignore cybercriminal gangs — a scenario that would explain the origin of so many ransomware attacks. According to the Guardian, actions tend to remain ignored when crimes occur outside borders.

But the NCSC representative says China is also a political player to keep an eye on in this regard, noting that Beijing also presents a focal point for cybercriminals. “How China evolves over the next decade is likely to be the main driver of our cybersecurity in the future,” says Cameron.

In the past, the country has tried to steal vaccine research data, a charge the Chinese government denies. The representative says she is not sure of the future, concluding that the UK needed to "protect itself against Chinese practices that have an adverse future in our own prosperity and security".

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