OceanX researchers use a technology-rich vessel to search for shipwrecks around the world. They were recording images of the wreckage of the Pella ship, which sank in the Red Sea in November 2011.

A remote vehicle was filming at a depth of almost 850 meters when the animal passed in front of the lens.


The crew was startled! The creature was much larger than expected for this species, and they reckon it should easily outgrow a full-grown person.

A zoologist and squid specialist analyzed the video and said it was not a giant squid, but a “giant shape” of a flying purple squid.

The OceanX science program leader confessed that she was in shock.

The recording was made in October 2020, but only now the images have been released. Other squids of the same species and corals resistant to climate change were found by the team on other dives.

One of the researchers' goals is to study the species that live in the Red Sea, which is a gulf in the Indian Ocean between Africa and Asia. According to them, many creatures there are fascinating.

And by the way, they found another one, didn't they?