The hackathon promoted by InverGroup, a holding of infrastructure, will focus mainly on projects aimed at areas such as: water, energy and gas.

The teams chosen at the event, entitled “Hackathon Start”, will have their ideas monitored by an InverGroup advisor and a team of experts.

Image shows a female hand holding a straight surface, on top of this surface is a light bulb, representing an idea of ​​innovation.
The five winning teams will be incubated for one year. Image: PopTika/Shutterstock

It is noteworthy that in the corporate environment, a hackathon is not necessarily aimed at finding innovation only in software. Within a company, a hackathon is nothing more than an event that develops new technologies.

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The five winning teams will be incubated for one year at Start Inver, InverGroup's incubator. Incubators are institutions that help micro and small businesses whose main characteristic is to offer innovative products and services.

The award provides for an investment of R$ 10 thousand for each of the selected projects – this amount, however, can be increased, according to the needs of the business.

InverGroup also states that there is no pre-defined number of how many projects will be chosen in each of the categories.

During incubation, the chosen projects will receive mentoring from market names such as Henrique Costa, an advisory member of InverGroup; Márcio Fernandes, former president of Elektro and founder of Thutor consultancy; Guilherme Junqueira, CEO of Gama Academy; Mariana Aguiar, founder of Desygner; Arthur Guimil, founder of One More, foodtech linked to Bauducco; Gustavo Favaron, from the GRI Club; and Dan Parke, founder of the MegaWhat platform, with experience in the direction of Agência Estado and Thomson Reuters, from Latin America.

Some of the evaluation criteria that will be considered: the degree of innovation, the impact of the proposals on the environment and social. Proposals aimed at reducing costs and the use of non-essential resources in the development of durable goods will also be accepted.

How to participate in the hackathon?

Undergraduate and technical education students from all over Brazil can participate by registering for free until November 17th through Site of the event. For more information please click here. The awards are scheduled to take place on February 11, 2022.

*Note updated on October 13th at 18:21 pm to update the following information: Entry deadline has been extended to November 17th, as well as the award deadline. InverGroup also raised the value of the award and disclosed details about the mentorships for incubated companies.

Main Image Credits: Dmytro Tyshchenko/Shutterstock

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