A Volkswagen announced a production agreement with Czech automaker Skoda to install the MQB-A0 platform on all of the manufacturer's entry-level models aimed at the global market — including Brazil. The structure will be under the assembly of models such as the VW Polo Vivo, aimed especially for the all Latin America.

The partnership is the first participation of the Skoda aimed at the international audience, signed after the implementation of the MQB-A0-IN platform in India, which is under the assembly of the SUV Kushaq, for example. The adaptation of the structure for Volkswagen will be aimed at emerging markets, such as Russia, and regions such as Latin America, Africa and countries in Southeast Asia.


According to czech automaker, the scalable kit includes a variety of vehicle formats in scalable production, with factory-direct security and infotainment systems. The development of this structure will take place in the assembler's country of origin.

“We are applying our development expertise, taking on even more responsibility to the Volkswagen Group, while at the same time strengthening Skoda Auto's headquarters as an important development center,” says Mark Shaeffer, CEO of the scalable kit maker.

Skoda will only offer combustion platform for Volkswagen

kushak SUV parked
SUV Kushak uses the same modular structure that will be present in Volkswagen's new entry vehicles (Image: Press Release/Skoda)

In principle, the MQB-A0 platform will only be combustion powered. Skoda's projection is that gasoline vehicles will have an exponential leap in these countries - which would justify the implementation of Volkswagen in burning engines, but it seems to go against the electric strategy announced for Brazil. Previously, VW announced arrival plans ID.3 and ID.4 electric vehicles to our country, with a fleet expansion of 150 vehicles between hybrids and mobile phones.

According to the automaker's calculations, emerging markets still have an expectation of acquiring between 7 and 8,5 million combustion cars in the world over the next ten years. In the next five years, it is estimated that another million units will still be sold.

As carbon emission restrictions are not on the rise in these emerging markets, gasoline models are expected to come to market to keep pace with subsequent regulations. In June this year, Volkswagen had already pointed out a possible implementation of its modular electrification kit on Skoda platforms.

Image: Disclosure/Skoda

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