The Cora, fintech which today has about 190 employees, announced plans to close the year 2021 with at least 250 employees. Thus, the company announces the opening of vacancies for the IT and Customer Security sectors.

In addition to increasing the number of employees, almost all of them have already become partners in the company through the partnership program – one of Cora's business differentials.


For Gustavo Viegas, Cora's Chief People & Culture Officer, the technology area has enormous potential for expansion in the coming months.

“For this area, we are going to hire around 100 people as well, as we still have a lot to build to expand as much as possible and add value to our clients,” he says.

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After a billionaire contribution, Cora announces openings in the Technology and Security areas. Credit: Shutterstock

For CEO Igor Senra, the company's growth plan speaks directly to the intention of accelerating the proposition of new products in a safe manner and with excellence in serving the more than 157 thousand customers that fintech has today.

Accelerated growth

The emergence of new opportunities within Cora comes after a contribution of more than half a billion, acquired in a round of investments B series.

The company will use the resources precisely to invest in specialized people and contribute to the company's growth and portfolio expansion.

With regard to other sectors, Cora is structuring the Financial and Legal areas, while Marketing and the People & Culture area should grow more organically over the next year.

With plans already for 2022, the company also added that it intends to reach 450 employees next year.

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The company is also betting on female leadership, as well as on agendas of Diversity and Inclusion, with the hiring of Susana Yamamoto as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Mônica Leite as Chief Legal & Compliance Officer (CLO). “We want to mirror the Brazilian diversity throughout the organization,” explained Viegas.

Last year, Cora received authorization from the Central Bank (BC) and became a financial institution under number (Bank 403). The company offers everything from digital account, Visa debit card, PIX without fees, to management tools. According to the institution, more news should emerge in the coming months.

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