Pocketnarista Allan dos Santos is publishing content in another channel on YouTube, Article 220, since Friday (15), after the Free Tuesday have been blocked by decision of Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

“Many viewers of Terça Livre are still not aware of the Article 220 initiative. It is not a brand replacement. After the fall of the Free Tuesday channels on YouTube, which happened last Tuesday (12), the Article 220 initiative is the transferee of the broadcasts of the programs. Last week, all the company's social networks were taken down”, says a text published on Allan dos Santos' website.


Also according to the publication, "this means that the programs on Terça Livre (Boletim da Manhã, Boletim da Noite, Radar da Mídia and Zoeira da Tarde) will be broadcast through the Article 220 initiative, which holds the broadcasting rights."

This is not the first time that YouTube has been forced to take the Free Tuesday channel and associates off the air. In February this year, two channels belonging to the portal were suspended. At the time, the online video platform declared, in a statement, that the two profiles violated the site's terms of use.

In addition to the Terça Livre channel on Youtube, his personal profile on Instagram, as well as his Twitter account, were also suspended.

STF took the Pocketnarista Allan dos Santos' YouTube channel off the air. Image: Diego Grandi – Shutterstock

Reason for blocking the Allan dos Santos channel

According to information from Folha de S. Paulo, the action took place due to the investigation that investigates the activities of digital militias, which Santos is a target, being investigated for a scheme for disclosing false information, attacks on authorities - such as STF ministers - and organization of undemocratic acts.

In addition to this, there is also a second inquiry in which the pocketnarista is targeted, which investigates a group that uses social networks to organize anti-democratic acts such as protests calling for the closing of the National Congress or military intervention.

Also according to the newspaper, YouTube chose not to comment on the suspension, justifying that the process is being carried out in secret.

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Investigation against Allan dos Santos

For a few months Allan dos Santos has been the target of operations carried out by the Federal Police relating to investigations. After coming to light that a former intern of the STF minister Ricardo Lewandowski, Tatiana Garcia Bressan, would have been an informer of the influencer, Moraes asked for a hearing – a process to hear the witnesses.

A PF report showed that there were conversations between Santos and the intern before the opening of the investigations. Bressan was heard last Thursday (7) and, according to information from CNN, denied having access to any information inside Lewandowski's office and explained that the contact with Santos was to help her get a job with Deputy Bia Kicis.

However, the former employee admitted having a fake profile on social networks to attack other ministers and apologized to the magistrates.

Besides her, still according to CNN, the blogger had Colonel Mauro Cesar Barbosa Cid as one of his main contacts at Palácio do Planalto, to whom he suggested dismissals and articulations. Cid is considered within the Planalto as one of President Jair Bolsonaro's main aides.

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