Israel has confirmed a new case of a subvariant of strain Covid-19's Delta, which was previously reported in some European countries, according to information from the Ministry of Health.

"The AY 4.2 variant has been discovered in several European countries has been identified in Israel," said a government statement last Tuesday (19).


The Ministry reported that an 11-year-old boy who came from Europe was the transporter and the case was identified at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. With that, the young man was quarantined and no other contact was discovered. The variant has appeared several times in the UK.

According to François Balloux, professor of computational systems biology at University College London, the subvariant is rare and does not appear to carry the same risk of significantly increased transmission as other strains.

The variant was discovered as Israel considered relaxing restrictions on tourism after a fall in cases. Because there was a previous plan to reopen the borders which was turned down amid an increase in cases caused by the Delta strain. In late August and early September, new cases exceeded 11.000 per day.

In addition, authorities launched a campaign to encourage citizens with a third booster shot of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, which reduced infections.

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Source: Medical Xpress

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