To raise awareness and avoid discrimination, a free online course on various knowledge related to AIDS and the virus HIV is being launched for healthcare professionals. The initiative is a joint United Nations movement on HIV/Aids (Unaids) and the Brazilian Association of Public Health (Abrasco).

The content begins to be available this Wednesday (2). Although it is open to anyone, the course is aimed at health professionals, or those who work directly with care for people living with HIV.



The organizers explain that they had the help of researchers, activists in the area, social organizations, artists and people involved with the theme so that the content could be quite comprehensive.

The course is completely online and will be available in full. Furthermore, as it is quite comprehensive, each participant will be able to organize their learning pace.

“The contents are distributed in thematic windows, which cover topics such as response strategies to HIV/AIDS at the global and national levels, in this case highlighting the importance of community mobilization and civil society organizations. There is room for updating on theoretical and conceptual aspects that help to understand the intersectionality of social determinants in health, issues of sexual and reproductive health, vulnerability and violence”, says the description.

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“In this sense, we believe that education, access to evidence-based information and the use of non-stigmatizing language are fundamental elements to contribute to health professionals so that they can provide a zero discrimination service and bring health services closer to populations. key and people living with HIV. We are very happy to offer this course to the community in partnership with Abrasco”, says Claudia Velasquez, representative and director of Unaids in Brazil, in the advertisement.

To gain access, simply register on the platform here and answering a sociodemographic profile questionnaire.

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