On this Wednesday night (29), the three workers who will participate in the second swidden of A Fazenda 13 were defined. After Bil Araújo wins the farmer's race and gets rid of the hot seat, Gui Araújo, Lary Bottino and Valentina Francavilla will compete for preference of the audience to continue on RecordTV reality.

Unlike Big Brother Brazil, in which the most voted leaves the game, in A Fazenda, things are different. In RecordTV's program, the vote is to stay, and whoever receives the fewest votes is eliminated. In addition, the time to vote is shorter, with the eliminated leaving 24 hours after the formation of the Roça.


How to vote for the reality show A Fazenda

To vote for what you want to continue on A Fazenda, you need to go to the R7.com website, the voting options are already on the website's homepage. Another difference for the BBB, is that it is not necessary to do any kind of registration to vote, which greatly facilitates the process.

Click here to vote in the field between Gui Araújo, Lary Bottino and Valentina Francavilla.

Withdrawals and expulsions

With a very busy first week, A Fazenda 13 has already had no fewer than three eliminated in a short period. The first to leave the reality was the rapper Fernanda Medrado, who withdrew from the game because she was not feeling well from the psychological point of view.

The first to leave the game at the will of the public was model Liziane Gutierrez, who received only 26,15% of the votes in a close contest with Solange Gomes, who received 22,44% of the votes, and Nego do Borel, who was the most voted with 47,41%.

In addition, funk player Leno Maycon Viana Gomes, known as Nego do Borel, was expelled for violating the rule that prohibits a participant from putting the physical integrity of another at risk. The singer was accused of sex abuse sleeping with model Dayane Mello without her being fully aware.

The second one eliminated by popular vote was the actor and son of the comedian Mussum, Antônio Carlos Bernardes, known as Mussunzinho. The artist received only 23,52%, while Bil Araújo was preferred by 30,56% of the public and model Dayane Mello received 45,92% of the votes.

In the third week, the eliminated was the former Faustão ballerina Erika Schneider, who received only 30,24% of the votes. Against her, Dayane Mello, who was the favorite of 33,69% of the voters, and Tiago Piquilo, who received 36,08% of the votes, competed.

The fourth eliminated was actor Victor Pecoraro, who received only 22,82% of the votes in a dispute against Gui Araújo, who received 25,93%, and Aline Mineiro, who was the public favorite with 51,25% of the public preference .

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Fazenda 13 is broadcast by RecordTV from Monday to Saturday from 22:45 pm. On Sundays the program starts at 23:15.

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