The new animation from 20th Century Studios and distributed by Disney, 'Ron Bugado', follows a shy and awkward elementary school student, Barney, and his newest friend, Ron – a robot super smart and connected that walks and talks, but that came with malfunctions. The duo, from there, begins a trajectory of action while teaching children, youth and adults an incredible lesson about true and reciprocal friendship.

Over 106 minutes of movie, it's easy to find story elements to identify with. The human protagonist, for example, has difficulties making friends and believes that a "b-bot" (the ultra-connected robot in the film) will guarantee the long-awaited popularity at school and will help him face any social challenge - a universal feeling that everyone has. we, from 0 to 100 years old, have already passed away at some point in life.


On the other hand, animation has a mature enough tone to weave strong and direct criticisms of technological dependence and addiction to social networks, especially in minors. O Olhar Digital he exclusively interviewed directors Jean-Philippe Vine and Octavio E. Rodriguez, and questioned them about the manifestation present in the production. Along with Sarah Smith, they were responsible for bringing Ron to life (even the buggy).

Enjoyed it and can't wait to watch 'Ron Bugado'? The film arrives on October 21, 2021 in movie theaters across the Brazil – bad date, it is worth mentioning, because in addition to being 10 days after the holiday that contemplated “Children's Day”, you'll still have to face 'Duna', by Warner Bros., and 'Halloween Kills – The Terror Continues', by Universal Studios, for the box office.

Check out the official synopsis: “'Ron Bugado' tells the story of young Barney, an eleven-year-old boy who has difficulty making new friends, and his partner Ron, a high-tech artificial intelligence who walks, talks and is the “best friend out of the box” by Barney. But when Ron starts to have his functioning compromised, the two go on an action-packed adventure, where the friendship between the two proves true.”

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