TikTok is very interested in the small and medium business market. This week, the Chinese social network announced the arrival in Brazil of the TikTok Ads Manager platform. The novelty allows entrepreneurs to make ads on the app, with the idea of ​​gaining more customers for the business.

This is because before, only large companies had the resources to advertise within TiktTok on Brazil, through the For Business platform. Therefore, the system now offers features such as flexible budget control targeting advertising and content targeting to different audiences.


“With TikTok Ads Manager we extend this possibility to small and medium businesses, so they can further expand their presence on the platform and significantly connect with the TikTok community,” said Gabriela Comazzetto, Head of Global Business Solutions TikTok in Latin America.

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The Ads Tool

If you are a small or medium-sized business, you will need to create an ad account in TikTok Ads Manager. To do this, you need to set a goal for your strategy with advertising on the social network, with information such as reach, audience recognition, and site traffic or sales.

You need to determine the profile of the people you want to attract to your business. Therefore, focus on watching your content, make it more automatic to interact and demonstrate interest in buying products/services.

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After that, just upload your finished videos or create new content to make the promotion. Remember that TikTok's algorithms play the role of distributing your posts and that there is a page that provides tips on how to set up your first campaign, how to gain more customers and what are the tools to help raise the bar on the social network .

See TikTok's tips to retain consumers' attention:

  • “Storytelling”: Tell a story to attract your audience even before talking about the product itself. So show off the fun side of your brand and think more like a person than a marketer;
  • Get creative: try out new features like music and voiceover;
  • Get inspired by trends in platform and the world around you;
  • Don't waste time and enjoy the app's tools;
  • Speed ​​and not perfectionism: don't worry about being perfect, be authentic with your brand and be fast.

Source: UOL

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