Despite having closed the production of own devices, LG continues in the smartphone market by supplying parts and components for other manufacturers. New rumors suggest the company is developing under-screen camera technology for the Apple. Components may be present in next generations of iPhone.

According to the Korean website TheElec, LG Display – a subsidiary of LG in the manufacture of screens – would be in full development of an “Under Display Camera” (UDC) device for creating an under-screen camera module for the next generation iPhone. The project's goal is to optimize Apple's smartphone screen to abandon the notch format.


The setup of under-screen cameras is already used by manufacturers such as ZTE and Samsung in the folding line Galaxy z fold 3. However, the problem with these devices is that the screen pixel density is lower in the area where the camera is inserted, which results in an almost imperceptible difference for the user. According to TheElec's insiders, LG's challenge would be precisely to make the selfie camera unnoticeable to the Apple standard.

The alternative found by LG would be to merge the “hole-punch” format with the under-screen camera technology. The format is known for devices like Samsung's Galaxy S line, where the screen is pretty much covered with the exception of the selfie lens hole.

The model proposed by LG would be to create a hole-punch camera and then just cover the lens hole with another layer of screen. The combination of technologies could decrease the perception of the selfie module.

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iPhone 14 may have 'hole-punch' format camera

In parallel to the information released by TheElec, the Chinese portal MyDrivers also released information that reinforces the partnership between Apple and LG. According to the portal, LG would be developing only the components in the 'hole-punch' format for Apple, the model would be present in the next generation of the iPhone 14 Pro.

The rumors of the partnership make sense, considering that, today, the biggest manufacturer of screens in the 'hole-punch' format is Samsung and that Apple will hardly favor its main rival by adopting a technology. Despite this, it is still too early to know if the Cupertino company really intends to abandon the traditional iPhone notch format, especially now that the model has also been adopted in other devices such as the new MacBook Pro 14 and 16 inches.

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