Project discarded by Steve Jobs, a rare prototype of the Apple VideoPad 2 will be auctioned by international auction house Bonhams. The VideoPad 2 is just one of the Apple objects part of the auction History of Science and Technology, which takes place in Los Angeles in November.

This Apple VideoPad is the only surviving prototype of the product, which was developed between 1993 and 1995, with VideoPad 1 and 3 (the models that were even presented to the public). VideoPad 2 should be an upgrade from Newton Message Pad, but with a camera and built-in microphones for videoconferencing.

Image: Disclosure/Bonhams

The prototype of what would basically be a proto-tablet was produced from conceptual sketches drawn by John Sculley, the CEO of Apple at the time. However, when Jobs returned to the company in 1997, he shelved the project. Jobs didn't think the technology was advanced enough to provide a satisfying user experience, according to Bonhams.

Image: Disclosure/Bonhams

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The forecast is that the Apple VideoPad 2 will be sold at auction for somewhere between US$8 thousand and US$12 thousand (about R$45 thousand and R$68 thousand at the current price).

Bonhams will also auction the Apple II Personal Computer original, as well as prototypes such as the Apple Macintosh, the Apple EMate 300 and the first generation iPad. Another coveted auction item is a handwritten letter by Steve Jobs to his childhood best friend, who should be worth between US$200 and US$300 (R$1,1 million and R$1,7 million).

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