O iPod completed this Saturday (23/10) celebrated its 20th anniversary of release in a discreet way. The device, which in 2001 competed shoulder-to-shoulder with portable MP3 players and inaugurated 22 devices in just a decade, now blows out the candles alone on the website. Apple, with an iPod Touch.

However, the series is responsible for the extension of the design principles of the Cupertino company's products, together with the iPhone. The device, which started as a portable media player, now includes cameras, recorder, act as external hard drive, play games and establish iTunes as device manager.


Its design principle anticipated some of Apple's future decisions, with the iPod Nano paving the way to become the company's first smartwatch prototype through the Nano Watch. Just like today's wristbands, the device, through a Nike app, was able to remove workout indicators.

For iPod developer, product raised Apple's relevance

Tony Fadell, the former Apple executive responsible for the design and construction of the iPod, was reflective on the arrival of the music player's 20th birthday. “Many people still remember the iPod days,” he told the CNET. "It really was a superpower."

The developer claims that at the time of the iPod's launch, Apple was a computer company struggling to establish itself in the market. And he believes that the arrival of the product, which at the time allowed the organization of mp3 tracks (legally downloaded or not), was responsible for changing the company's future.

“You start with music, add some photos and podcasts and videos and games,” says Fadell. "So it keeps going deeper and giving them more new stuff."

Finally, Fadell also believes that, 20 years later, the iPod's relevance lies in dictating even how digital products are purchased in Apple's ecosystem. The principle of keeping users within platforms centralized the purchase of music on iTunes, which led to the appearance of the App Store.

“It really all happened because of iTunes and the iPod and how the integration between the two worked incredibly well”, says the developer, who explains that the measure, in the beginning, was for compatibility reasons.

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