The manufacturer Italian company Brembo announced what it says is the biggest innovation in braking technology since the advent of ABS brakes in the 1970s. Named Sensify, the new brake system combines artificial intelligence (AI) with traditional technology and hits the market in 2024.

According to Brembo, Sensify must be compatible with all types of vehicles, from conventional ones with an internal combustion engine to 100% electric ones. One Whatsapp The dedicated brake system will allow the brake system to be customized with pedal stroke programming, mechanical strength and steering style. The Sensify ecosystem will also collect and process data anonymously to provide enhancements and features through updates.


“Brembo is pushing the limits of what's possible with a brake system, opening up entirely new opportunities for drivers to improve their on-road experience and customize brake response to their driving style,” said Daniele Schillaci, CEO of the Italian company , in interview to Autocar.

Brembo has not yet said for how much it will sell the artificial intelligence brake system, but promises that the cost should be lower than current ones. Schillaci also reinforces that Sensify should be adopted in a production car from the beginning of 2024.

Functioning and sustainability

According to the Italian company, the Sensitize has a digital control system that manages each wheel independently. In other words, instead of the camshaft, the mechanical pressure on the brake system is exerted by the wheels, which have a sensor (or actuator) activated by an electronic control unit (ECU).

Through data collection, each ECU — one in the front of the car and one in the back — monitors parameters such as asphalt friction, vehicle mass, weight distribution, speed and steering angle. As soon as it receives a signal, the ECU calculates the force required for each wheel in milliseconds and sends a command to the sensors that activate the brake caliper. Artificial intelligence then acts to prevent the brakes from locking, along with the anti-slip and traction control systems.

In addition to its innovative operation, Sensify also promises to be a more sustainable brake solution. According to Brembo, thanks to the optimization of braking at each wheel, combined with the almost zero presence of drag on the asphalt, carbon dioxide emissions are minimized. “The environment will benefit from the removal of fluids and a reduction in the number of parts,” says the Italian company.

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