The art of winning new customers is one of the fundamental factors to ensure that a business keep bearing fruit. For this, as we will see below, it is necessary to go far beyond just focusing on in sales. It is worth paying attention to an essential item: the relationship with the consumer

This item is so important that it can directly affect the image of a retail brand. Especially if a company operates over the internet — it is noteworthy that many entrepreneurs try to take advantage of e-commerce opportunities, a segment that was driven throughout the pandemic.

Shopping cart full of boxes next to a notebook, illustrating a consumer's purchase on the internet
A survey by Neotrust conducted with data for the first quarter of 2021, revealed that 78,5 million purchases were made online, an increase of 57,4% compared to the same period last year. Image: Kriang kan/Shutterstock

Considering this digitization of retail, we prepared a list with some attitudes that can drive new customers away from a company.

Ignore technology advances

It is worth emphasizing that a large portion of retail already operates in some way on the internet, so it is no longer possible to ignore that technology has changed the way consumers make their purchase decisions.

Therefore, keep in mind that there are several tools on the market that can help the entrepreneur when the goal is to gain customers. 

A differential, for example, is adopting a CRM — 'Customer Relationship Management', a term that can be translated as 'Customer Relationship Management'. It was created to define systems or tools that automate customer contact.

This resource, if well used, has a positive impact on the immediate relationship with the customer.

The first tip is to research these digital tools to see which one fits your business model. One of them is chatbots, a virtual attendant that “talks” to your customer in natural language through messaging applications, websites and other platforms.

Closer relationship with the customer

Good relationship with customers is another ally in the success of an enterprise. More and more companies are trying to understand these new consumption practices to try to maintain a closer relationship with the final consumer. Therefore, try to take advantage of the potential of a good relationship with your customer base.

Another tip that is worth it is: before offering something to the consumer, try to understand what their needs are. This practice, common when selling a product or service, is also valid for the other stages of the relationship with the customer.

How is the after-sales going?

Speaking of customer service, those who work in e-commerce have probably already had to deal with complaints or problems. Without a good after-sales strategy, it is not possible, for example, to know why a product or service did not meet consumer expectations.

Most companies, unfortunately, still pay little attention to this department. Something that in the end does not bring any return, as keeping a customer is “easier” than attracting a new one. 

Also, be aware that a robust after-sales service makes many spend their money on your business again, in addition to spreading a positive image of your brand to other potential customers.

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Create fake promotions

Trying to force an increase in sales with fake promotions, something seen mainly on commemorative dates or on the Black Friday, only makes new customers end up giving up on giving your business a chance.

In the end, it's worth keeping your feet on the ground and betting on promises that a business can deliver. An example? Well, imagine that a customer wants a delivery for the next day, but the chances of serving him within this period are nil.

It's best to be frank in this kind of situation. Keep in mind that well-founded justifications have even more opportunity to work than promising something that will ultimately not be honored.

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