Brazil has 13 thousand startups e only 4,7% were founded by women, reveals a survey of the District Dataminer. Thus, the Huggies brand, which operates in the child care segment, presented 'Pequenos Grandes Passos', an acceleration program aimed at entrepreneurship mother who has the support of the digital education company B2Mamy and the Google for Startups.

The program, which runs from October to December 2021, will offer a financial contribution of R$ 100 to one of the businesses focused on child development.


From the projects registered, this Thursday (28) 50 entrepreneurial mothers from all over Brazil will be selected. All will participate in practical classes and specialized mentoring, with challenges, tips and market trends. In the end, 10 mothers will be selected for the final event.

On December 9, the big winner of the R$100 investment in B2Mamy's YouTube channel will be announced.

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“Following our objective of acting more and more in a participative way in the journey of families with their babies and children, we also want to collaborate with projects that positively impact our consumers, especially mothers”, says Henrique Melo, marketing manager at Huggies.

Melo says that it is necessary to understand “the obstacles they face when it comes to entrepreneurship” to provide “a path of knowledge and evolution towards a new history of entrepreneurship”.

Registration to participate in the program closes this Tuesday (26) and can be made from the site the event.

mothers in the labor market

Bianca Levy, COO of B2Mamy, emphasizes that the initiative “comes at a great time”, as a significant portion of women lost their occupation in the pandemic. “Most did not even seek a new insertion in the market”, he points out.

Among mothers with small children, for example, 39% lost their jobs and 52% lost their income, says the startup Famivite, who carried out the survey with 7.500 women between 27 and 28 July 2020.

Another survey, carried out by the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), showed that the probability of mothers' employment in the labor market also drops after maternity leave. The data show that after 24 months, almost half of the women who take maternity leave are out of the labor market.

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