Pipefy startup, which offers a software of workflow management that promises to uncomplicate processes like “ ” from employees (integration of new members in a company), announced this Tuesday that it received a contribution of US$ 75 million (about R$ 420 million at the current price).

The investment was led by SoftBank, a Japanese multinational corporation of telecommunications


About Pipefy

The project management platform was created in 2015 in the city of Curitiba (PR), with its headquarters established in the city of San Francisco, California.

According to the company, the service already serves a base of 4 customers. Among them is the retail giant Magazine Luiza.

Although the startup already operates in hundreds of countries in sectors such as finance, human resources, customer service, purchasing and marketing, its goal is to take advantage of the cash boost to further accelerate global expansion.

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Softbank invested US$27 million in real estate startup

SoftBank Company Facade
Image: Michael Vi / Shutterstock

The Asian group, responsible for investments in tens of startups, and the American artist Demi Lovato invested US$ 27 million (about R$ 150 million) in a 'proptech' (name given to startups in the real estate market that use technology to offer innovative services and products).

Who received the millionaire contribution was the company June Holmes. His plan is also to use the amount to accelerate market expansion.

The investment announced at the end of September was part of a series B investment round, aimed precisely at expanding a business. In addition to the United States, the startup's strategy is to start operating in other countries by 2023.

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