Vittude, a health startup that produces specialized content in mental health, psychology and human behavior, has developed a solution that helps companies implement psychologically safer environments for employees.

The service does well in the corporate world. Since the beginning of the pandemic - period when the search for mental health treatment increased — its turnover grew 540%.


“Much of this growth has been driven by our corporate online psychology and emotional education services arm,” says Tatiana Pimenta, founder and CEO of Vittude.

Image illustrates the concept of mental health problem and burnout in the corporate sector.
Vittude CEO points out that about 32% of employees show signs of burnout. Image: fizkes/Shutterstock

Since March of last year, the executive points out that more than 80 corporations began to bet on Vittude for the “structuring of mental health and well-being programs”.

Currently, there are more than 450 thousand customers and about 130 partners, including names such as: Grupo Boticário, Renner, Raia Drogasil, Grupo Profarma, Saint Gobain, SAP and Sky.

“Currently, about 32% of employees show clear signs of burnout and the trend is for this percentage to increase as a result of the pandemic. With that in mind, we made available a dashboard with real-time reports with usage information, percentage of engagement and a word cloud with the most searched topics during scheduling. All so that the management of employees is carried out with the best resources available”, says the executive.

Tatiana took advantage of the positive result to emphasize that investing in the employee's mental health also increases productivity. The startup receives more than three million users on its platform every month.

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Finally, 'healthtech' (health startup) also launched an artificial intelligence tool that improves the customer experience when choosing a psychology professional: “Offering the patient the right professional on the first attempt reduces the chances of dropping out of therapy in 90% of cases,” adds Tatiana.

According to the company, the resource dramatically increases the rate of permanence in the therapy process after the first session.

Main Image Credits: Mix Tape/Shutterstock

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