The Oura smart ring is entering its third generation, and now has an optical sensor that allows you to track the heart rate during all day long. Earlier versions of Oura allowed you to record your heart rate only at night.

The new generation smart ring doesn't look much different from the previous versions, on the outside. Inside, Oura managed to include several new hardware inside the small chassis, as pointed out by the Engadget website.


Users can now track heart rate and blood oxygenation during workouts. Temperature monitoring has also been improved, and the new device is much better at predicting when the menstruation of users will start, according to Oura.

Disclosure / Oura

The Finnish company also claims that the smart ring's sleep quality tracking has been improved. In addition, users can track data on how relaxed and rested they are, or whether it's time to take a break.

Last year, Oura partnered with the Rockefeller Institute of Neuroscience, at the University of West Virginia (USA), to research whether smart rings could predict symptoms of Covid-19. The tests Showed that Oura could predict symptoms of coronavirus infection with 90% accuracy three days before they manifested.

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The third generation Oura smart ring is in pre sale for US$300 (about R$1.670 in current conversion). The company also offers a $6 ($33) monthly subscription to receive "daily health insights, personalized recommendations, exclusive audio, educational videos and more."

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