Instagram launched the “Use Yours” feature recently and the tool has become very famous for working as a kind of chain in the social network. The first challenge that became popular was the "post your favorite photo", in which several users shared the clicks on Stories.

However, many people who are already using the resource have no idea how to start one of these streams, as they share the one they see going through the Stories from your friends and family.


And this shows that the new sticker is working, as Instagram's initial intention is to actually create these publications collectives among users. When creating one of these currents, the creativity that's what's in it, in addition to the example already mentioned, currents were also very successful with themes such as: summer, haircuts, before and after, and even the funniest photo.

Check out the tutorial how to start a chain on Instagram to enjoy the new feature with friends.

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Instagram: See how to create your own chain

1 – Open the social network app that is available for Android e iOS;

2 – Then click on the upper left corner to add a new Stories;

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3 – Take a photo, or choose a photo from the gallery. Then click on the stickers symbol at the top of the screen;

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4 – Select the option “Use yours”;

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5 – Afterwards, decide what will be the theme of your chain. If creativity is lacking, rest assured, you can click on the dice symbol several times for Instagram to choose a random theme that you like. But it's worth remembering that the Stories background photo needs to be related to the chosen theme;

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6 – Once you have chosen the theme, click on the tick located in the upper right corner of the screen;

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7 – Make the edits you want and place the box anywhere on the screen and, presto, just publish.

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People will be able to reply to the stream by clicking on it in Stories where it is available. All posts made in the chain are also apparent to other users of the social network.

Ready! Now you know how to create your own Instagram chain.

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